Waiting 4 the Bus

Waiting 4 the Bus
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Saturday, April 9, 2016

What is a Poetry Pentathlon

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I know this is cliché...Once upon a time there lived a group of poets who had grown tired of the grand accolades and Huzzahs that were thrust upon performance poets who were quite excellent at the performance but not quite so grand at the poetry part .  Inversely we were saddened by the number of people who were quite good at the poetry but not so impressive when it came to the performance.

This cause much furor amongst the poets, who lived in a hollowed out tree in the forest of Dive Bars (I have to keep some of the fairy tale elements). One day the scribes of these tree living poets had a dream.  In this dream, poets were judged by what they wrote and how well it was communicated.  These judgments were made by participating in five poetic events and based upon both style and substance.  Thus was born the Poetry Pentathlon.

Currently the poets, who live in aforementioned hollow tree, are busy deciding events and choosing judges.  When this process is finished registration will open and a brand new Pentathlon winner will be chosen.  The process is long and arduous.  To win, one must have many talents,  Among these are creativity, spontaneity, and writing acumen.  Please stay tuned for further Pentathlon Announcements.

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