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Waiting 4 the Bus
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Monday, September 7, 2009

many freakin updates

Exact Change Only Submission Guidelines

Exact Change Only is now accepting submissions for its Winter issue. Submit between 1 – 5 poems at a time. We will read all styles and themes of poetry, as long as it is honest, quality material. Prefers poetry 50 lines or shorter.

We only accept submissions over e-mail. Poems should be attached as Word documents, with the poet’s name along with the names and number of poems attached. Include both e-mail and mail addresses.

Exact Change only acquires first rights. We accept only original unpublished work. No previously published poetry or simultaneous submissions. We tend to comment on rejected work. All contributing poets receive a special hand stitched copy of the journal.

All submissions must be sent by October 15th, 2009.

SEPT 21-Carol Anderson
OCT 5-Nina Corwin
OCT 19-Omniphonic

POETRY AND MUSIC NIGHT, are you willing to go toe to toe and head to head with Omniphonic
NOV 2-Wayne Allan Jones/Dave Gecic
Coming November 16th, the first ever Poetry Pentathalon.
every contestant must compete in all 5 events. It's a test of both writing and performance skill.
the events are as follows.

1:form poem, this years form is the Shakespearean sonnet.

2:A poetry Prompt. A line or concept will be provided. The goal...to take that line or concept and turn it into something completely your own.
Max limit is 40-60 lines

3:Rewritten or Edited poem. This will also be provided by an unbiased source. The goal...to portray the overall feeling of the original poem in your own style and words.
max limit 40-60 lines

4:Character/monologue. This one is pretty self explanatory. Write a piece in a character voice, or from a different point of view than your own.
max limit 40-60-lines

5: The Rant. Just a good old fashioned rant poem.
max limit: 3 minutes

poetry prompt and poem to be rewritten/edited will be provided no later than Oct 1st.

all contestants should be registered with W4tB by Sept. 18th

DEC 7-Michael C. Watson/ Shelley Nation
DEC 21-Robert Lawrence/ Allan Stevo

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