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Waiting 4 the Bus
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Friday, April 5, 2013

2nd Sunday Top Shelf Poets, make it your new religion

You ever wonder what happened to the First Friday Poetry show that was hosted by Charlie Newman? Didn't he pass it on to those Waiting 4 the Bud guys? Didn't they have venue issues?
yes they did, but what happened then? Things this powerful don't disappear, they change, they evolve but you can't stop Rock and Roll.
we tried to keep the show on Friday nights, but the venue choices didn't hold up to the high standards set by the show's history, They were musty and unheated, and had limited seating.
Our only option was to think outside the box. We took a risk and moved the show to the lovely, but inconveniently located backroom at Powell's bookstore in University village

but the only available recurring time slot was on Sunday afternoons from 3-5pm.

We seem to be the best kept secret of Chicago Poetry and I'm hoping that you all can change that. The show is now called the 2nd Sunday Top Shelf poet showcase.

and we still do our best to bring the most talented poet's in this city, regardless of genre. We like to mix it up at the Top Shelf show. We feature Slam, Bar, and Academic poets from all parts of the city and burbs.
Often times, poets of extraordinary talent get their first feature spots at this show.

When was the last time you checked us out?
we ain't askin' ya to do nothin' but listen.
this is what's goin' on next time.

You should check us out.
we'll see you at Powell's
1218 S Halsted St
(312) 243-9070

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