Waiting 4 the Bus

Waiting 4 the Bus
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Calling All Poetry Bombers

For all of you who care...the Poetry Bomb started as "wouldn't it be cool" moment after an open mic, outside of a bar.  It sprang from the lips of Midwestern Super Poet, Esteban Colon.  The words that followed the "wouldn't it be cool" were "if people all over the place committed an act of poetry all at the exact same time."

Those words echoed into the ears of some hack named Buddha 309 and out through his fingertips into cyber space trying to coordinate such an event.

It started small in only a few locations in Illinois, but since...The Poetry Bomb has been attempted and executed in several states and even other countries.  It hasn't gone world wide yet, and that saddens me.

I know in some countries it's considered illegal, immoral, and down right evil to write, read or recite poetry, this also saddens me.  It makes the Poetry Bomb more important.  

Read Poetry in public for those who can't, for those who are afraid to for fear of their lives.

We in the USA have a Month long celebration for Poetry, and here in Chicago we celebrate heartily.  We want you all to join us.in our poetic revels.

Maybe this year all the poetry bombers can wear something orange, so we look all unified and junk. or not.  It's just a thought.

the Poetry Bomb is scheduled for Sunday, April 26th at 3:30 in the afternoon,it is located wherever you deem appropriate.  Pick somewhere crowded.
I will keep you posted and you should keep us informed.  If you intend on joining this Poetry Crusade, post your plans on our FaceBook page 
and tell us where your going to blow up with the poetry, maybe other folks will want to join you.

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