Waiting 4 the Bus

Waiting 4 the Bus
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Open Mic Aftermath: Yetis, Bullwinkle, and John Carpenter's:The Thing

Okay, W4tB is the now officially the most chill open mic in the City.  Last night we talked about Horror Movies, Big Bird, Outdoor Pianos, Stadium Poetry and Yeti Jazz.  In my head it achieved a new high point as we transgressed a show where poetry is presented and became a place where poetry is shared.

Jacqueline Harris read some wonderful poems and proved that her Pentathlon accolades were well deserved (a fact some of us knew already).  Charlie Rossiter showed off his skills as a writer and Master Storyteller, proving once again why he is one of the coolest cats on the Poetry Scene (yeah Baby).

So...in between
talking about Bullwinkle and John Carpenter's the thing,  The open mic regulars (the Weirdos) cranked out some coolness that would make the most cynical of hipsters snap their fingers in respect.

Top off all that excitement with some visiting students and the new Lesley Heath Morrow chapbook release and the circle of cool was complete.

After last night, the new description of W4tB should read: Waiting 4 the Bus, like the McLaughlin Group, only without the yelling and with more poetry and (ya know) Weird.  I know it's a little clunky, but we're working on it.

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